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Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 93 with Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 93 Summary

In Kurulus Osman Episode 93, Davut asks the soldiers in the secret headquarters to complete their war preparations. Nikola finally finds this secret headquarters and orders his soldiers to attack. Nikola kills most of the Turks and begins to burn the catapults. Davut says that the Turks will never give up. When Nikola is about to kill Davut, Osman comes with his soldiers. Aktemur talks to Basileus in the caged tent and says that the Turks have won. Basileus says that Osman will soon lose everything.

Turgut says that Nikola must die and tries to change Osman’s decision. Osman orders the martyrs to be buried and says that he will attack Byzantium as soon as possible with all his might. Osman then asks Aktemur to go to the enemy’s castle. Aladdin and Orhan visit Selcan’s grave. Aktemur says that he is a Byzantine commander and that Nikola was captured by Osman. Romanos begins to listen to Aktemur and tells him that he will never surrender Inegol for Nikola.

Aktemur goes to his mother’s tent and hugs her. Aisha is very happy to see her son after a long time and asks him to stay a little longer. Aktemur says he has a duty and goes to talk to Osman. Barkin talks to Selvi and asks her to go to the plateau. Selvi says she will leave the next day with some people from the tribe. Osman eats with his whole family that night. Sheikh starts talking about recent events and martyrs.

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Malhun gets very worried when she learns what happened to Selvi. Osman says that he will find the person who told the route to Byzantium later and asks Turgut to go to the exchange place with Nikola. When the people of Kayi learn that Nikola will be free, they are very angry and want to kill him. Osman calms his people and says that he did this to save the captive Turks. Arius takes action to attack Osman’s mine with his own soldiers. Malhun talks to Aisha and tells her what the women of the tribe should do to prepare for war.

Romanos surrenders the Turkish prisoners one by one and takes the Byzantine soldiers back. Nikola immediately takes his horse and goes to his castle. Osman goes near the mine with some of his soldiers and starts to wait. Barkin calms Selvi and says everything will be alright. Arius watches the Turks working in the mine for a while and then attacks them. Arius realizes that the workers in the mine are actually Osman’s soldiers and starts to run away to save his life.

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