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Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 92 with Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 92 Summary

In Kurulus Osman Episode 92, Orhan soon opens his eyes and wakes up Aladdin. Orhan says they need to get out of the dungeon as soon as possible so that nothing bad happens to his father and starts hitting the bars. Byzantine soldiers realize that the Turkish children are trying to escape and they want to stop them. Orhan attacks the soldiers entering the cell. The guards put chains on Orhan and Aladdin.

Osman asks Turgut to kidnap Holofira. Osman calms everyone down and tells them that his nephew Aktemur is in the Byzantine castle. A short time later, Turgut attacks Basileus’ car and catches him. Turgut sends Holofira to the tribe with his soldiers. Barkin starts to watch the mine Osman got from Nikola and tries to find out where the irons there go. After Osman learns that Holofira is going to the tribe, he sets out to go to Bilecik.

Barkin continues to investigate where the iron from the mine goes. Justinyanus asks his guests to rest until dinner. Davut examines the new irons coming to the headquarters and says that they are of even higher quality. Barkin finally learns where Osman’s secret headquarters is and says he will destroy all their preparations. Aktemur talks to his father for the first time in years and hugs him. Aktemur says the children are in the dungeon and gives a map to Malhun.

Meanwhile, Aktemur comes and helps the Turks. Kosses opens his eyes and says he wants to warn Osman. Abdal calms Kosses down and tells him that Osman has a plan. Sheikh says there is something good in every event that looks bad and asks Kosses to stay calm. The warrior sent by Osman defeats the gladiator for a short time. After this fight, the celebrations continue.

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Selvi argues with Barkin after the meeting, but can’t do anything. Osman sits at the table with Justinyanus and waits for meal time to come. The guards realize that the Turks have escaped from the room and begin to look for them. Gunduz attacks the soldiers who want to stop him. Bala and Malhun go to the castle’s cellar to get the swords they hid. Nikola learns the location of Osman’s headquarters and says that this situation is very interesting.

Basileus comes to the castle in a chariot. While Justinyanus is waiting to see Holofira, Turgut gets out of the car and stabs Basileus. Osman gives the order to attack and a great war begins in the castle. Justinyanus realizes that he will lose the war and goes to the dungeon to kidnap Osman’s children. Osman begins to follow the Lord. Malhun and Bala finally manage to reach the dungeon. Malhun says the children are not here. Osman says that the Lord wants to use the children.

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