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Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 87 with Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 87 Summary

In Kurulus Osman Episode 87, Cornelia takes poison from this old man and says that she will poison Mari with it. The old man says that after Mari’s death, Turgut and Gunduz will start fighting. Malhun says she is very sad after her father’s funeral. Osman says that he will always be with Malhun and that he will avenge Umur. Osman then goes to talk to the Sultan and tells him that his previous decision was unfair.

Malhun tries to kill Geyhatu, but Osman stops his wife. Sultan says that Osman is completely innocent and gives him the lands in the border area. Osman says that he will win more victories with the soldiers that the Sultan will send. An old man named Ibrahim Fakih goes to the inn in Sogut and says he came from Samarkand. This old man meets with Barkin that night and says they will burn Sogut soon.

Gunduz tells how to take the catapults around the castle, but Turgut objects to him. After thinking for a while, Osman accepts Gunduz’s plan. Turgut then returns to his tent and starts talking to Mari. Osman goes to Sogut the next day and talks to the merchants in the market. Meanwhile, Ibrahim goes to the market and talks to a merchant. Mari suddenly falls ill that morning and begins to vomit blood. Turgut panics a lot and immediately tries to take Mari to Abdal.

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After Abdal checked everything, he tells everyone that Mari was poisoned. Abdal says he found the bottle of poison in Gunduz’s tent. After Turgut hears this, he attacks Gunduz. While the soldiers in the tribe are trying to stop Turgut, Osman comes. Osman asks what is going on. Turgut tells that Gunduz killed Mari and her unborn child. Kosses immediately goes to Mari’s tent and sees his sister’s lifeless body. Kosses apologizes to his sister and says he regrets not being able to protect her.

Osman realizes that the main purpose of this assassination was to cause trouble before the conquest. Osman says that the conquest movement will continue no matter what and asks his wives to solve this event as soon as possible. Barkin tells Ibrahim what happened in the tribe. Kosses asks Osman to find the criminal as soon as possible. Osman says he is not sure whether Gunduz is guilty or not. Turgut is very surprised to hear this and asks Osman to solve this case.

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