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Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 86 with Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 86 Summary

In Kurulus Osman Episode 86, The vizier learns that Osman is holding a meeting and says that he will trap him. Osman talks to Gunduz after the meeting is over and asks him to deal with commercial affairs. The vizier learns that Konur is working for Osman and sets a trap. Konur talks to Dervish to tell Osman about the Vizier’s trap. Sultan learns that Osman made a deal with the Emperor and sets out to go to the border region.

Nikola learns that the envoy he sent to the Vizier has been killed and sets out to talk to Kosses. Umur’s brother’s daughter comes to the tribe. Osman attacks the Vizier but fails. Vizier goes to the forest to catch Osman. The trap Osman set up in the forest works and he catches the Vizier after a short time. Konur knocks out the soldier in the dungeon and sneaks away from there. Osman says that Vizier will tell all the truth. Vizier says Osman will die soon.

Blacksmith and Akca fill the jugs with gunpowder. Barkin talks about loyalty and questions Umur. Umur says that Osman gave hope to the people and established a good order in the border region. Barkin says Osman is a dreamer. Selvi starts talking to other women in the tribe and gives them news from Anatolia. Barkin can’t stand what Umur says anymore and stabs him in the hand. Barkin says people should be ruled by fear and starts attacking Umur’s soldiers. Geyhatu says that other rebel Beys will learn a lesson from this situation. Osman’s disguised soldiers start the attack and the gunpowder jugs begin to explode.

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Selcan learns that Orhan’s fever has risen and immediately goes to Malhun’s tent to check on him. While going to the border region, the Sultan thinks about the punishment he will give to Osman and decides that he should die. Malhun thinks that Orhan is sick and starts to panic. Selcan calms Malhun and says they need to wash Orhan. Gungor goes to the inn and learns that Umur is dead. Gungor wants to give Barkin gold for his work.

Osman asks who poisoned the Mongolian soldiers in the attack in the forest, but does not get an answer. Orhan soon recovers. Malhun thinks her father will come soon and continues to wait. Geyhatu realizes that the Vizier has betrayed him and attacks him, but the soldiers take him to the caged tent. That night, Nikola tries to provoke Kosses against Osman, but fails. Osman goes to the caged tent and asks Geyhatu about Argun.

Malhun soon stops crying and tells them that her father is a martyr. Osman says it’s time to punish the oppressors. The soldiers take Geyhatu and the Vizier in front of Osman’s tent. Osman accuses these men of killing innocent people. Meanwhile, the Sultan comes to the tribe and asks Osman to stop. Osman says that the Sultan must now open his eyes and see the truth.

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