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Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 85 with Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 85 Summary

In Kurulus Osman Episode 85, Cerkutay can no longer fight as he is badly wounded. Nikola realizes that the situation is getting worse and returns to his castle with his soldiers. Vizier captures most of Osman’s soldiers and says they are rebels. Osman follows the traces of blood he sees in the forest and searches for Geyhatu. Osman finds Geyhatu shortly after, but Mongolian soldiers stop him.

soldiers come to the Kayi tribe. The vizier says that he came to arrest the women who helped the rebel Osman. Malhun tries to stop the Vizier and tells him that Bala is at birth. Gunduz gets angry with Nikola for leaving the battlefield. Nikola secretly sends a message to the Vizier, saying that he wants to re-establish an alliance with him. Kosses tells Gunduz that Nikola can betray at any moment and goes with him to look for Osman.

Cerkutay’s condition worsens. Gunduz goes to the battlefield with Kosses and orders the bodies to be buried. Mongolian soldiers attack repeatedly and try to stop Osman. Konur gets rid of the vizier’s soldiers and finds Osman. Konur says that the Vizier has captured Osman’s Alps. The vizier’s spy sees Konur talking to Osman and realizes that he is a spy.

The vizier learns about the alliance offer of Nikola but does not accept it. The vizier says he doesn’t need anyone anymore. The vizier asks his spy to continue following Konur. Bala’s labor pains begin again. Selcan takes them to a nearby cave to save the baby and Bala. Geyhatu talks about Temujin’s childhood and tells how he became Genghis Khan when the time comes. Selcan asks Bala to be strong and says the baby is about to be born.

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Bala realizes that her baby is alive and learns that she has a son. Geyhatu talks about his previous cruelties and says he will kill Osman this time. Bala takes her son in her arms and thanks to Allah many times. Osman sees Bala in his dream that night and takes his newborn son in his arms. Osman wakes up worried. Osman then prays to Allah and asks him for help. The vizier’s spy continues to search the forest to find the women. Cerkutay opens his eyes and tells his friends that he is fine.

Osman asks Gunduz to prepare everyone for war and immediately sets out to save the women. Mari says that the Vizier’s soldiers are approaching and tries to stop them with Selcan. Turgut arrives when Vizier is about to execute the soldiers of Osman. Turgut says that he will give Mingiyan to the Vizier to save Osman’s soldiers. When the vizier hears this offer, he is very surprised and immediately accepts it in order to become even stronger.

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