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Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 83 with Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 83 Summary

In Kurulus Osman Episode 83, Geyhatu is excited about his army coming soon and says he will take control of all of Anatolia. Vizier says Mesud can do something, but Geyhatu asks him not to worry. Meanwhile, a Mongolian soldier says that they could not kill Nikola. Geyhatu gets very angry with this news and says he will start the attack. Geyhatu asks Gunduz to stick to their agreement and send soldiers. Osman talks about the castles that the Mongols destroyed before and says that Nikola should be with the Turks.

Boran tells that Julia is near the tribe and can attack at any time. Turks and Byzantine soldiers begin to prepare together. Gunduz orders that the collected tax be given to the Ahis. Konur meets with Osman and says that Geyhatu will attack the rebellious Turks. Konur continues to talk and learns that Gunduz will send soldiers to Geyhatu. Osman says that now Gunduz has to pay for what he did.

Geyhatu sees a Mongolian shaman performing a ritual and kills him. Turgut starts to wait in the forest with the whole army. Turgut learns that Geyhatu is in the forest with the Vizier and delays his decision to attack. Cerkutay puts on the shaman’s clothes and goes among the Mongolian soldiers. Cerkutay prays with the soldiers. Geyhatu comes to this base in the forest and says these soldiers are very skilled. Geyhatu then checks the gunpowder inside the chests. Malhun starts shopping with Aygul in Sogut.

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Osman then talks to Nikola and tells him that he will tell them that he is his spy when entering the castle. Cerkutay sabotages the horse carriages at the military base. Nikola takes Osman into the castle and says he wants to talk to the Emperor. Nikola tells that the spy he brought to the castle knows very important things. Osman enters the room and says he is Ertugrul Ghazi’s son.

Turgut and his soldiers attack the Mongols. Malhun goes to the forest alone to trap Julia. After Osman leaves the castle, Nikola finds him and says that the Emperor has accepted the deal. Julia stops Malhun in the forest and says she will kill her. Malhun says that Julia is trapped and the Turks hiding in the forest begin to attack. Malhun catches Julia in a short time and takes her to the tribe.

Nikola mentions the Emperor’s agreement with Osman and then sets out. Selcan and Bala go to the caged tent. Selcan says she is sorry for Julia’s condition and asks her to pray. Julia cuts the ropes using her knife, but in the meantime, Boran comes. Boran forces Julia to drink the poison that she used before. Osman meets Sheikh that night. Sheikh says that he wants to build a building to train scholars who will serve the state that Osman will establish.

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