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Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 82 with Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 82 Summary

In Kurulus Osman Episode 82, Alemshah says quietly that he will recover soon and will take his revenge on everyone. Geyhatu asks Osman to surrender and asks him where the vizier is. Osman says that he will never surrender and that he has captured the vizier. Sheikh says if anything happens to Osman, Turks will attack. Osman returns to the inn after the speech is over.

Osman is very happy when he sees that the Turks are trying to defend the city. Then Gunduz comes to Sogut. Gunduz asks Geyhatu to retreat and not attack the city. Geyhatu says that what Osman did was wrong, and that’s why he will kill him. Gunduz says he will talk to Osman and calms Geyhatu. Thereupon, the Mongolian soldiers stopped the attack. Gunduz goes to the garden of the inn and starts talking to Osman.

The vizier secretly talks to Celali and asks him to take a message to Geyhatu. After talking to Osman, Gunduz returns to Geyhatu and tells him that he will not surrender. As Geyhatu is about to give the order to attack again, Gunduz resists him. Celali says that the vizier is still alive and Osman escaped from the inn. Geyhatu sends his soldiers to catch Osman. Konur goes to look for Osman with Ferman. A doctor treats the vizier’s wound.

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Gunduz says that Geyhatu will give him soldiers and horses whenever he wants. Konur first kills the Mongolian soldiers following Osman and then Ferman. Gunduz then goes to the dervish lodge and says what Sheikh did was wrong. Sheikh says what Gunduz did was wrong and they will fight the Mongols if necessary. Konur goes to Osman’s tent with Boran. Davud says that Konur saved women.

Malhun takes Orhan to Osman’s tent. Osman says he will inform his son and the children to be born about traitors such as the vizier. When all the Lords gather, Nikola tells them about the great danger in the region. Nikola says that they have to act together against both the Vizier and Geyhatu. Some Lords object to this alliance, but Nikola convinces everyone at the meeting.

Mongolian soldiers stop Nikola in the forest. Bala and Malhun soon return to the tribe. Gunduz asks the women returning to the tribe not to cause any trouble. Osman and the Turks join the battle in the forest. Nikola thinks that the Turks attacked him but later realizes that he was wrong. Nikola attacks Osman. Osman says he will kill Nikola no matter what, but that day is not today.

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