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Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 80 with Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 80 Summary

In Kurulus Osman Episode 80, Turgut realizes that the only solution is to run away and runs away with Kosses. Nikola begins to follow them into the forest. Turgut asks Kosses to return to his castle and bring soldiers to save Osman. After a long war, the Mongols capture Osman. Nikola captures Turgut, but Kosses and his soldiers rescue him. Geyhatu says Osman will die soon and takes him away. Bala and Malhun ask the Beys for support to save Osman.

Geyhatu says the horses will run over the Turks. Osman says he is not afraid of death and waits for Geyhatu’s arrival. Alemshah realizes that Osman’s wives are trying to do something secretly and asks Gunduz to do something about it urgently. Gunduz agrees to banish Bala and Malhun from the tribe. Kosses attacks the Mongols with the new soldiers he brought from the castle. Turgut uses this opportunity and saves Osman’s life.

Osman asks Kosses to send a Byzantine soldier to Nikola and to tell him about the vizier’s plan. Kosses immediately accepts this offer. Osman says he has to go to the palace to get rid of the accusations against himself. Turgut says it is very dangerous to go to Konya, but Osman says he will tell everything to the Sultan no matter what. Geyhatu realizes that Osman will talk to the Sultan and makes a new plan.

Meanwhile, Kosses’ soldier comes and says that the Vizier is doing secret work. At first, Nikola does not believe that the Vizier will give the castle to Gunduz, but after a while, he realizes that the soldier was right. The vizier talks to Geyhatu and realizes that Osman is still alive. Geyhatu says that Kosses’ soldiers saved Osman. Geyhatu continues to talk and tells about his new plan.

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Nikola says he does not trust the Vizier and will keep the castle. Malhun, Selcan, and Bala prepare to talk to Gunduz for the last time. Malhun says she will never leave the tribe and will obey Osman’s order. Gunduz warns the women once again and says that they have divided the tribe in two. Selcan asks Gunduz and the soldiers to calm down. The vizier comes to the tribe and stops everyone.

When Gunduz hears the Vizier’s order, he is very surprised and says that Orhan will stay in the tribe. Malhun sadly gives Orhan to Aisha and leaves the tribe with the other women. Osman says he wants to talk to the Sultan and starts to wait in the garden of the palace. Sultan lets Osman come to his room. The vizier says that he will give the castle to Gunduz soon and that this will be very good for his future. Sultan meets Osman and asks him where the sergeant is. Osman says that he is always loyal to the Sultan and begins to speak.


Bala goes into labor as the women who left the tribe travel to a nearby village. Julia watches the Turks from afar and attacks them after a while. Julia says she will kill Bala this time and severely injures Selcan. While the Sultan is talking about the letter sent by Vizier, Geyhatu’s spy kills him. Osman immediately kills the spy. Seljuk soldiers think that Osman killed the Sultan and try to catch him. Selcan can’t take it anymore and dies in the forest.

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