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Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 79 with Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 79 Summary

In Kurulus Osman Episode 79, Nikola says that Kosses is a traitor and will punish him. Rogatus learns what happened in the castle and thinks his life is in danger. Thanks to some loyal soldiers, Rogatus sneaks out of the castle. The vizier’s men begin to torture Osman in the dungeon. Nikola orders the capture of Rogatus as soon as possible and decides to send Kosses to Constantinople. Gunduz talks to the Vizier and says that the Sultan wants to judge Osman.

Konur says that Gunduz will object to Osman’s execution, but the Vizier says that everything will be as he wishes. While Rogatus is trying to hide in the forest, he sees Kumral Abdal. Abdal learns what happened to Osman from Rogatus and immediately takes him to a safe place. Gunduz tells the people in the tribe that Osman has tried to kill the Vizier. Selcan and Bala object to this situation.

Julia takes Osman and his soldiers to the place of execution. Nikola goes to Kosses’ castle and captures Mari. Mari asks her soldiers for help, but no one helps her. Nikola asks the soldiers in the castle to kill Turgut and sends Mari to Inegol. The people in Bilecik begin to wait for Osman’s execution with great excitement. A short time later, Osman arrives at the place of execution.

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The vizier cannot understand what happened and asks who stopped the execution. A Seljuk sergeant from Konya stops everyone. The sergeant tells the Sultan’s order once again and reminds him that Osman has to go to Konya. The vizier objects to the Sergeant, but cannot stop him. The sergeant takes Osman and his soldiers from the place of execution and sets out with them. Osman’s life was saved because Konur secretly gave information to Sergeant.

Goktug escapes from Seljuk soldiers. The vizier goes to the secret Mongol base and begins to tell Geyhatu what happened from the castle. Geyhatu learns that Osman is still alive and asks his soldiers to catch him. Bala says she is worried about Malhun’s life, but Sheikh calms everyone down. Malhun stops the Seljuk soldiers and orders Osman to be released. The sergeant says that he had to take Osman to Konya because of Sultan’s order.

The sergeant starts talking about Ertugrul Ghazi and Suleiman Shah. Osman learns that Sergeant is actually a Kayi. The sergeant says after Osman talks to Sultan, he says that the situation at the border will improve. Malhun and Bala go to Gunduz’s tent that night. Malhun says that Osman will not let a new Bey be elected and that he will be back soon. Gunduz says he will follow the orders of the Vizier no matter what.

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