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Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 77 with Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 77 Summary

In Kurulus Osman Episode 78, Kosses accepts his sister’s marriage but wants this wedding to be in Harmankaya. The vizier goes back to the dervish lodge and asks Sheikh if ​​he helped Osman. Sheikh says Osman is trying to ensure justice. The Vizier then orders the arrest of the Sheikh. Osman soon learns that the Vizier has arrested Edebali. Osman calms his soldiers and says that he will provoke the people in Sogut to save Sheikh.

Konur stops Celali. People in Sogut learn that Sheikh has been arrested and they start protesting against the vizier. Osman meets Kosses in the forest. Kosses secretly drives the Turkish soldiers to Inegol by car. Nikola is very excited about the new market and thinks he will make a lot of money. Osman’s soldiers set fire to the market in Inegol. Nikola is very angry at this situation and says that Osman did everything. Gunduz says the Turks are innocent.

The vizier gets angry with Nikola again because of what happened in the market. Nikola blames the vizier for what Osman did. Kosses says that Nikola could not provide enough security. Rogatus says that the new market should be in Bilecik so that the same mistake is not repeated. Nikola objects to his friend, but the Vizier likes this new plan. Malhun starts arguing with Gunduz. Gunduz says that Osman is responsible for what happened in Inegol.

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Aygul prepares Mari for the wedding and puts henna on her hand. A short time later, Turgut comes and goes out with Mari. The vizier learns that Sheikh still hasn’t spoken and starts to think that he doesn’t know anything about Osman. Abdal marries Turgut to Mari. Osman orders the celebrations to begin. Kosses thanks Osman for preparing this wedding. Cerkutay starts to think about when he will marry Aygul.

Osman secretly goes to the tribe that night and enters Boran’s tent. Osman sees Boran’s dream talking to people. Boran talks to Osman for a while. Osman tells Boran that he will be back soon and that he needs to get better. While Bala is praying to Allah, Osman comes. Bala is very happy to see her husband. Osman tells Bala that everything will be fine and goes out to talk to Gunduz. Osman then goes to his brother’s tent. Gunduz is very surprised to see Osman.

Osman then goes to Kosses’ castle and waits to take revenge on the Vizier. Konur sees that all the shops in Sogut are closed and talks to Davud. That day, all the merchants go to the garden of the inn and say that the Sheikh must be released. Gunduz goes to the inn and tells the vizier that Sheikh must be released. The vizier says he will fulfill Gunduz’s request. Gunduz begins to wait for Sheikh to come from the dungeon.

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