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Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 75 with Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 75 Summary

In Kurulus Osman Episode 75, The Seljuk vizier Alemshah comes to the border region and says that he will change the order here. While Turgut is about to go to the doctor in the tribe, Osman comes with the dead soldiers. The Turks feel very sad when they see so many martyrs. Osman talks to Turgut and learns what happened from him. Julia begins to torture Boran and tells how she killed Gonca.

Later, Rogatus comes and continues to torture Boran. Kosses says Mari has been kidnapped and asks Osman for her. Osman tells that he did not kidnap anyone and that Mari stayed in the tribe of her own accord. Later, Mari comes and says that she will not return to the castle. Nikola returns to the castle and tells Rogatus what happened in the forest. Rogatus says he caught Boran. That night, Turgut talks to Mari and asks her not to be upset. Kosses returns to the castle.

Kosses says he will ask the Emperor for an army to take Mari from Osman. The vizier calms Kosses and says that he will establish a new order in these lands. The vizier says he will get Mari back and asks Nikola to use Boran. Boran has a dream while sleeping in the dungeon. Boran talks to Gonca in his dream and tells her how much he misses her. Gonca asks Boran to be strong and leaves after a short time.

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Nikola’s soldiers take Boran to the city square and tie him up with ropes. Nikola says that Boran was Osman’s most loyal soldier and that he had killed many Christian soldiers before. The Byzantine people got very angry after what Nikola said and started throwing stones at Boran. Boran prays to Allah and begins to wait. Abdal tells the children of the tribe a story about how Hamza died.

The Alps secretly take their swords and wait for the attack. The vizier visits Edebali and says he wants his support. Sheikh says he will only support what is right. The vizier realizes that he cannot get his support and immediately sends a message to Kosses. Osman gradually approaches Boran and tries to talk to him, but this man is not Boran. Nikola comes out of his hiding place and says he will kill Osman. While Edebali is going to Konya, Kosses sets a trap for him and attacks him.

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