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Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 73 with Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 73 Summary

In Kurulus Osman Episode 73, The next day, Osman plans an attack to take back the Turkish children. While Osman is talking to his soldiers in the forest, the Byzantines attack them. Rogatus finds the clue that Ahmed left for Osman in the dungeon and sends the children to another place. Osman retreats to avoid losing any more soldiers.

Osman asks Kumral to dress like a priest and tells him that he will enter the monastery. Abdal accepts this mission to save the children and dresses like a priest. Abdal gives his staff to Cerkutay and sets out. Kosses asks Mari to marry Nikola, but she refuses the offer. Malhun asks Bahadir to follow Gokce secretly. Osman gives Abdal a false document to enter the monastery and begins to wait for him in the forest.

Abdal tells the guards in the children’s room that they have to confess. Abdal then ties the two Byzantine soldiers and leaves the room with the children. Rogatus thinks that Abdal does not know Latin and stops him in the corridor of the monastery. Abdal starts talking to Rogatus in Latin and says that he is taking the children to the kitchen of the monastery. Rogatus goes to check on the soldiers in the room and realizes that they have been neutralized by the priest.

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Mari tells Turgut that Kosses is trying to force her to marry Nikola. Nikola learns that Osman took the children back and gets very angry. Nikola says he will attack Sogut to take revenge on Osman and sets out with Rogatus. After pacifying Boran, Osman immediately returns to his tribe. Osman hands over the Turkish children to their families. After Osman hugs his son, he says that the Byzantines are trying to change the religion of Turkish children.

Osman invites the children he saved and their families to his tent. Osman serves the meals prepared for his guests and starts to eat with them. Ahmed begins to tell Osman what happened in the monastery. Cerkutay talks to Aygul once again and asks her why she doesn’t want to marry. Aygul once again says that she does not want to be sad, but Cerkutay says that he will continue to wait for her.

Osman’s soldiers kill these spies one by one. Osman finally catches Gregor in the middle of Sogut. Gregor apologizes to Osman many times. Osman tells Gregor that he learned all of his plans from Akca and accuses him of trying to kill innocent people. Osman says that the penalty for this crime is death and executes Gregor. Later, the people leave their homes and learn why Osman killed Gregor.

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