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Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 72 with Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 72 Summary

In Kurulus Osman Episode 72, The woman who works for Nikola realizes that she will be caught and immediately commits suicide. Julia takes action to kill Orhan, but Bala tries to stop her. While Selcan and Gunduz are wandering around the tribe, they realize that something is wrong in Osman’s tent. Gunduz tries to enter the tent with the soldiers, and Julia escapes, but cannot take Gregor’s sacred item. Bala then immediately tries to help Gonca. Selcan tries to heal Gonca’s wound.

Gregor learns that the Lords have united and will soon get gunpowder. While Goktug is looking for the children, he sees Kosses’ assistant Nestor and kills him in an alley. Cerkutay finds Ahmed’s shoes on the way to Bilecik and immediately returns to the tribe. Turkish children try to support each other in the dungeon of the castle and think that Osman will come to save them. Kosses tells the priest that he will send barrels of gunpowder, while Rogatus tells his friends that he has kidnapped Turkish children.

Meanwhile, Osman comes to the castle and sees Turgut. Osman says he will take the Turkish children no matter what and threatens Rogatus. Gonca realizes that she will die and talks to Boran for the last time. Gonca dies shortly after. Everyone in the tribe is very upset with Gonca’s death. When Osman returns to the tribe, he sees the crying people and immediately goes to his tent.

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The children say that they are Muslims, and that is why they will not eat pork. Rogatus remains calm and says that in time the children will become Christians. Abdal goes to Boran’s tent and begins to tell about some events that happened to the prophet to comfort him. Osman says it is not right for Turgut to work for the Lords, and that’s why they will attack him.

Osman once again tells Turgut that it is wrong to work with Byzantium and attacks him. This fight is actually Osman’s plan to take the children in the castle. In order to gain the trust of the Lords, Turgut gets injured in this war on purpose and goes to the castle to open the secret passage to Osman. Julia continues to make fun of the children and says she will take them to a monastery soon.

Turgut opens the gate of the passage, and Osman enters. Osman asks Turgut to go back to his room and goes to the dungeon. Osman cannot find the Turkish children in the dungeon and starts to look for them in the castle. Rogatus catches Turgut red-handed and puts his knife in his throat. Byzantine soldiers suddenly surround Osman and stop him.

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