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Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 69 with Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 69 Summary

In Kurulus Osman Episode 69, Osman learns the true power of this small piece of wood and makes a plan. Nikola learns that Gregor, whom he has been looking for all this time, is with Osman. Osman returns to his tent and says that he wants to unite all the people by using Gregor. After a short while, Bala and Malhun start preparing to take the rugs. Rogatus plans to reach Gregor by using the old man in the church once again.

Kosses then goes to the tribe and asks Osman for Gregor. Osman says that Gregor is an asylum seeker and will never give him back. Bala comes to the tribe seriously injured. Selcan begins to treat Bala. Osman gets very angry and sends Goktug to kill Anselmo. Goktug takes some of the tribe’s soldiers and immediately sets out to set a trap.

Osman gets a little angry with Goktug because he can’t avenge Bala and sends him away. Turgut learns that Goktug could not kill Anselmo and says he will handle this alone. Osman talks to Bala again and says he will be very upset if something bad happens to her. After a short time, Sheikh arrives and starts talking to his daughter. Sheikh sees that Bala is in good condition and prays for her for a long time.

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Gregor does not believe Osman and says that Rogatus is always a loyal friend. Then Osman makes a plan to show Gregor the true face of Rogatus and tells him about it. Rogatus summons lords and a governor to his castle. Rogatus says that Osman is trying to break up the Christian unity and offers an alliance to his friends. Rogatus says he fired the Turks working in the mine and that the Governor will end the commercial deals.

While talking with the merchants in the market, Osman learns that Rogatus fired the Turks working in the mine. Osman realizes that the Byzantine Lords want to harm the Turks’ economy. Osman then returns to his tent and says that they will attack the Byzantine caravans carrying trade goods. The old man in the church reaches Rogatus and tells him that Gregor will soon escape. Rogatus says he will go to the forest to get Gregor and asks Feodor to guard the caravan.

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