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Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 66 with Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 66 Summary

In Kurulus Osman Episode 66, The new trailer of Kurulus Osman series has caused a stir. An action-packed trailer was released which further aroused everyone’s curiosity. The story seemed to move fast. The next episode is full of action and suspense as well as emotion. The previous episode also ended with Kariyal’s death when everyone was very emotional. The next episode will be seen strengthening its grip on the emotions of the fans. The most emotional scene of the episode will be the attack on the Turgut Alp tribe.

At the beginning of the trailer, Osman Bey says that the fire of revenge burns and consumes its owner. This was said by Osman Bey during a meeting with Turgat Alp when Osman Bey goes to hand over the martyred soldiers to Turgut Alp, he will still ask him to control himself. But we all know that will not happen. Turgut Alp is very emotional, he will not be able to control his emotions and without thinking, he will go out with his soldiers to attack Rogatious.

From this it will be seen that the whole net was spread between Nikola and Kosis. In the absence of Turgut Alp, Nikola will attack his tribe but first the attack will be fully planned which will take place during the feast at Michael Kosis. Princess Marie was also worried about why Michael Kosis was calling her. We saw that the relationship between Nikola and Kosis was not very strong and Nicola complains to Kosis that she did not support him in the wars with Osman.

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Kosis will now try to forge a blood relationship to strengthen his relationship with Nikola that is, he would like to marry his sister Marie to Nikola. All this will be decided at the invitation of the Kosis Commander Rogatious and Nikola and Marie will meet Nikola. Nicola will be impressed by the beauty of the princess and the princess will tell Nikola to start the destruction from Turgut Alp because the princess had been kidnapped by Turgut Alp and that’s why she wants to humiliate Turgut Alp.

Nikola will attack the Turgut Alp tribe exactly as the princess wishes. It is more likely that Turgut Alp will not be present in the tribe at this time but Nikola will oppress innocent people. We saw that Nikola had tied someone up in the castle. All eyes were immediately on Turgut Alp. Maybe Nikola has taken him prisoner. There are two possibilities, either they are really short or Nikola can demand Gregor from Osman Bey in return. But that is unlikely. He may be a special person from Turgut Alp which is very important for him. And Nikola can meet any of his demands in return.

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