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Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 65 with Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 65 Summary

In Kurulus Osman Episode 65, Osman tried to make peace in the region for the Turks in his father’s absence, but Nikola was very uncomfortable with this situation. While Osman was fighting against Nikola, Ertugrul returned to his tribe. Using this situation, Nikola set a trap for Osman. Osman escaped from Flatyos at the last moment and captured the powder kegs in the Byzantine castle. Savci said that Osman’s actions had become dangerous for the Turks and warned his brother harshly.

Ertugrul spoke to his sons and gave Savci the mission of the embassy to ensure peace in the region. Dundar was extremely uncomfortable with the situation in the tribe and secretly went to talk to Nikola. Osman wanted to set out before his brother, but Flatyos set a trap for him once again. Osman realized his mistake, but Ertugrul’s plan was already broken. Hazal followed her brother’s plan and started creating new problems in the tribe.

Osman started looking for Geyhatu’s son to reconcile with his father, but Nikola took this opportunity to retake the castle. Osman became increasingly suspicious of Yavlak’s actions, but due to his father’s illness, he decided to solve this case later. Osman did not know that his father was about to die, so he decided to save Targun and went to Kulucahisar. While Nikola was attacking Sogut, Yavlak was declared the new leader of the region by the Mongols.

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Yavlak made an attack plan with Osman. Targun arrived safely at the tribe, but Bala began to suspect her. Osman said that he would marry Targun to have a son. Yavlak continued to work with Osman and Kulucahisar was again under the control of the Turks. Ertugrul realized that his illness was getting worse and he decided to reveal his will to everyone before he died. Dundar realized that his brother was going to die and immediately took action with Hazal to become the new leader of the tribe.

Meanwhile, Nikola secretly sent a message to Targun and asked her to poison the Beys. Ertugrul passed away a short time later. Everyone in the tribe was very upset by this situation, but despite this situation, it was decided to hold an election to determine the new leader after a short time. Dundar secretly gave gold to the voters and tried to change their minds.

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