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Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 102 with Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 102 Summary

In Kurulus Osman Episode 102, Kantakuzenos says that the enemies of the Emperor kidnapped Aladdin. Osman cannot make sense of this situation. Kantakuzenos says that Ofelia is a traitor and will help Osman find his son. Meanwhile, the Emperor puts on the armor brought by his daughter and soon faints. The soldiers learn that Ofelia brought this armor and accuse her of poisoning the Emperor. Despite being innocent, Ofelia starts to run away.

Viking soldiers take Aladdin to a place in the forest and set a trap to kill Osman. Frigg soon learns that Olof is coming to town and hatches a plan to get Dan out of the dungeon. Cerkutay looks behind the carriage and sees the message written by Aladdin. Osman realizes that the Vikings have set a trap in the forest and takes action to save his son. Bengi says the people of the tribe are restless. Turgut brings the corpses to the tribe.

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Olof studies the map of the dungeon and begins to think about how to get inside. Frigg shows him the poison torches. Soldiers in the dungeon faint from poison torches. Olof takes Dan out of the dungeon and tells him that he will flee the city with him. Vikings continue to follow the Turks. There are several explosions in the city, and Olof manages to escape. Frigg returns to the shop and kills Leo.

Cerkutay temporarily loses his hearing due to the sound while detonating the barrel full of gunpowder. Alcicek does not allow Aktemur to enter the tent, but Oktem stops his daughter. A few soldiers start digging the place they found in a tent. Aktemur finds a chest full of Byzantine gold. Turgut says that Oktem is guilty and that the court will soon punish him. Kantakuzenos goes to the city and says he wants to talk to Osman.

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