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Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 100 with Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 100 Summary

In Kurulus Osman Episode 100, Bayindir and Oktem come to Yenisehir to attend this meeting. Bayindir begins to think about the decisions Osman made. Oktem warns his friend and realizes that he wants to earn more money. Shortly before the meeting, Osman goes to his room and prays to Allah. Kantakuzenos asks the Emperor to attack Osman, but cannot persuade him. The Byzantine Emperor says that he wants peace in the region and that he will make a new agreement with Osman on this issue. Osman says that he will give new duties to some Beys who come to the meeting. Olof learns that Osman killed Saga and says he will take revenge on him no matter what.

Osman declares Orhan as Karacahisar Bey. Osman asks Aladdin to continue his education. Aladdin is a little upset about his father’s decision but does not say anything. Osman gives Aktemur the task of chief of police. Oktem asks Bayindir to stay calm and not ask any more questions about it. Osman asks some of his soldiers to prepare to go to Constantinople. Malhun learns about Orhan’s new mission and is very happy. Bala learns that Aladdin has not received a mission and wants to talk to Osman about it. As Turgut and the soldiers prepare for the secret mission, Ulgen arrives.

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Ulgen gives food to the soldiers who will go on duty and tries to talk to Cerkutay. Cerkutay first says that he will not eat, but then he takes the food prepared by Ulgen with him. Kantakuzenos says he will kill the Emperor no matter what and then attack the Turks. Bala talks to Aladdin and says he will get a mission soon. Osman and the Turks jump into the arena. While Kantakuzenos waits for the Emperor to die, Osman saves him. Osman and his soldiers protect the Emperor against traitors. Kantakuzenos realizes that his plan will not work and captures the Sentaur to save his life.

Osman goes to a small port with his soldiers and sails from there in a boat. Malhun starts to examine the saddles made by Bengi’s tribe and says they are not of good quality. Bengi says Malhun thinks wrong and the goods are of good quality. A short time later, Alcicek arrives and wants to show that the saddle is good enough. Aktemur and Alcicek start to compete. Alcicek wins this horse race and says the saddle is fine. Saga learns that Osman is going to Yenisehir soon and sets a trap. While returning to the city, Osman realizes this trap and starts attacking the Vikings.

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