AlpArslan Season 2 Episode 56 With Urdu Subtitle

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 56 Summary

In Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 56, If you forget even one of the things you are supposed to say before the naphtha blows up your daughter and wife are going to die. Don’t forget that. The people must think of you as an angry Turk that hates Christians, Argus. My brothers, I know how much you trust me, and that you would believe my words. There have always been people that wanted to sow discord among us and oppress us. Avar Bey should have done more for you! Death to all Christians in the world! Stop him quickly! Seferiye! Seferiye! Mother! Could you help us? Seferiye! Seferiye!

Thank Allah. You are okay, right? Yes. Akinay Hatun! Akinay Hatun! Do you have any wounds? Are you okay? I am okay. Come on, come on! Atsiz! Artuk! Help here! Hold on, Hasan Bey. Hold on. Mother! Is she alive? She hardly breathes, but she is alive. Her wound looks deep. Selcan Hatun, is she alive? Batur Bey. Akinay Hatun. Akinay Hatun, don’t die. Help us now! Save Hace! Save Hace! Hang on Hace! Hang on. Hang on. Your leg looks damaged Hace. I’m stuck! Gevher. Gevher! Help us now. Help! Help us! Help us! Gevher! Gevher. Gevher. Gevher! She’s alive. Take them to the hospital now! Come.

Mother. Are you okay? I’m okay. Are you okay? We’re okay. Are you? Bishop. Don’t you die? Don’t you die! They did this to kill the bishop. You deserve to die Bishop Yorgo. Leon! Leon! Leon! Leon! Shut up, you damned bastard! Leon! Leon! Shut up! Where are you, you demon? Come here, Leon! Shut up! Leon! I love to hear you calling my name. I missed you too. Killing your worthless soul will be my Sultan’s job. But I don’t know if I can be that patient. You must wonder what’s going on in Rey.

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Alparslan doesn’t know you’ve been kidnapped. He thinks you ran. It upsets me to say your Sultan’s in a tough situation. Because the Christians think Alparslan had you kidnapped. Thanks to you the justice of Great Seljuk has taken a hit. Don’t make me kill you before I have to. You will fail Leon! You can’t kill our Sultan. You’re not a wolf like the others. You’re a bear. A suggestion for you. Don’t struggle for anything. You’re going to need that strength. You won’t succeed Leon. Okay enough. A little more. Let’s wrap it up.

I’m okay I can get up. Rest a bit more here Gevher. You can rest in your room later. Mom Akinay has hit her head really hard. She’s unconscious. We’re going to do everything we can to heal her but. . . There’s no but. She’s going to be okay and that’s it! I’m sorry my sultan. Mom Akinay is strong. She’s going to be okay. InsAllah. Don’t leave her side. Report to me how she’s doing constantly. As you wish my sultan. My sultan. Did you learn anything about the one who did the attack? He was not a Muslim even if he looked like one of my sultan. There’s nothing left of him.

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