AlpArslan Season 2 Episode 55 With Urdu Subtitle

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 55 Summary

In Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 55, My Sultan! Who is he? Brother! Kavurt Bey! Protect us, my Rabb! As soon as we get to Rey, you’ll come together with your families. Seferiye Sultan. We start by killing her. No. Not only her. Emir Fazluye. What is this? my Sultan? Come, brother. Come. Come. What are these things I see, Kavurt Bey? Do you have any explanation for this? Open the doors! The one, whom he expected to see hanged on the door was not Fazluye, but it was you, Father. No one can know who expects what and what he finds in the end, Merdan. Our war begins now.

We should be careful. My Sultan Brother! I see you’ve come to Shiraz when you heard we were in captivity. May your sultanate and mercy be eternal. Long live Sultan Alparslan. As you see, we have beaten our enemies. with my brave Melik Merdan here. Rebel Merdan. Kavurt Bey. What’s hanged there is not Emir Fazluya but my broken orders! And whoever breaks my order. pays for it. including whoever sided with him. THE CITY OF REYMurderer. Murderer! Why did you kill that innocent woman? Here! Murderer! He’s here! Back off! Back off! Murderer! Give him to us!

Don’t do this! His crime has not been proven yet! Justice will be served! Calm down! Stop! Listen to me, brothers! Stop! I know why you are angry, brothers. The child of Jesus Christ has always been oppressed. Our Holy Father ordered us to turn the other cheek when we get hit. If there is an injustice, it will be revealed. I promise. I assure you. Wait for the last trial, brothers. I’ll be in that trial and justice will be served as Bishop Yorgo says. the trial hasn’t been concluded yet. Be patient. Trust Great Seljuk’s justice. You lying peasant. Be patient. I know that woman’s lying.

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The women we sent to the palace instead of Gera’s wife. Kill her now. The guards are watching her house. Then kill them as well. Did we allow you to come here? You didn’t my Sultan. But. Let’s say you disobeyed me. Why are you with your rebellious son? Instead of trying to convince him to obey. you killed Emir Fazluye who’s under my command! You don’t know who the rebel is. I had to kill the traitor my Sultan. Who’s the traitor? Who gave the ruling? Is Emir Fazluye who defended Siraz in my name, a traitor? Exactly. Listen, brother. I came to a stop my son Merdan.

He told me about Fazluye. and his secret business. Tell him too. Speak. My Sultan. I obeyed Fazluye when I saw. your firman that stated he’d protect Siraz. I did as you said. But things changed. Because Emir Fazluye defended Siraz with your men. But he also wanted to conquer Kirman with your army. Did you hear brother? He used the army you sent to protect Siraz. and wanted to take Kirman. When I found out. I did what I had to do to protect Great Seljuk. This is the explanation of what you saw. My Sultan. The reason why I came to Siraz. was that I feared for your life Kavurt Bey. But now you’re telling me.

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