AlpArslan Season 2 Episode 46 With Urdu Subtitle

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 46 Summary

In Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 46, Leon realizes that he can’t last much longer and returns to Ani. Kutalmis gives orders to the archers and begins to wait for the next attack. Meanwhile, a messenger comes and tells Kutalmis that a large Turkmen army is approaching. While Tughrul reflects on recent events, he learns that the Vizier is coming to the palace soon. A soldier comes in a hurry and tells that Altuncan has lost her life.

Alparslan goes to the palace to tell about the latest events but learns that the Sultan has fallen ill. After a short time, Kutalmis comes and says he wants to talk to the Sultan. The vizier comes to the palace and calms everyone down. While Alparslan is trying to understand what happened, Vizier says that Suleiman is the regent of the Sultan. Suleiman sits on the throne in front of everyone and says that he will make decisions about the state until the Sultan gets better.

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Erbaskan escapes from the inn with his wife, but Rasul begins to follow them. Seferiye learns that some Christian people in the castle are saying bad things about the state. The vizier asks Suleiman to give Khorasan to Kutalmis and says that this will weaken Alparslan’s power. Seferiye stops the people who are preparing for the rebellion and warns them harshly.

Lord asks Flora to marry Suleiman and prepares to depart. Alparslan fights the rebel soldiers but fails. Rebel soldiers take Alparslan to a tent and ask him to wait. Kutalmis learns that Erbaskan escaped from the inn, but says he will solve this problem after he takes over the tribe. While Seferiye is talking to Akinay, Gevher comes and apologizes to everyone many times.

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