AlpArslan Season 2 Episode 37 With Urdu Subtitle

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 37 Summary

In Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 37, One of the members of the committee from Egypt wakes up in the forest and slowly begins to seek help. Suleiman gets worried when he hears Emir’s plan. Alparslan tells him that he is planning to take the stone secretly that night. Seferiye kills the commanders who came to Vaspurakan one by one and tells everyone that they were planning a rebellion. Oke claims that Seferiye is lying and orders her arrest.

Emir then goes to see a seer working in his mansion. The seer asks Emir to be very careful. Grigor realizes Yinal’s betrayal and gets very angry. Alexander says they have to kill Yinal. Meanwhile, Yinal comes and confesses everything. Alexander can’t take it anymore and stabs Yinal in the shoulder. Lord calms everyone down and says he believes in Yinal this time.

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Oke can’t take it anymore and says they have to kill the soldiers coming from Bukhara. After thinking for a while, Erbaskan believes that Oke is right and immediately sets out to kill the soldiers. Yusuf gets very angry because of what his daughter has done and slaps him. Seferiye tells that her father has crossed the border this time and sets out to send the soldiers back in the forest.

Emir learns that Turks entered the hospital and starts looking for them. Lord reads the message Yusuf sent and decides to go to Vaspurakan. Oke continues to say that Seferiye is a traitor. Meanwhile, Grigor comes to town. Seferiye tells that she will speak to the Lord alone and takes everyone out. Grigor is surprised to see Seferiye on the throne.

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