AlpArslan Season 2 Episode 33 With Urdu Subtitle

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 33 Summary

In Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 33, Yinal tells that the assassin lied and he is innocent. The prisoner dies shortly after. Alparslan says he will do detailed research and sends Yinal to his room. Arslan wants Yinal to be guilty and to be punished as soon as possible. Arslan then goes to the courtyard and makes a new plan. Gulce tries to enter her sister’s room, but the guards do not allow her. Alparslan comes to Seferiye’s room while she is trying to calm her sister.

Razen tries to deny all the accusations but the Lord stops him. Grigor says that Razen will now work for Byzantine. Alparslan tells Seferiye that he will go to Bukara to find the man who made the bow. Hassan says he still does not understand why the Lord gave valuable books to the Turks. Seferiye tells she will go to Bukhara with Alparslan. Alparslan first asks his wife to stay in the castle, but then he lets her come.

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Grigor learns that the assassin blamed Yinal and is very surprised. Grigor hears that Alparslan has arrested Yinal and is even happier. Oke finds the blacksmith Husrev and immediately sets out to take him to Vaspurakan. Some Karakhanid soldiers attack Oke. Alparslan comes at the last moment and saves Oke. Yusuf goes to Bukhara before everyone else and talks to the blacksmith.

Caghri learns what the blacksmith said and starts looking for a way to reveal the truth. Alparslan says that Yinal will now stay in the dungeon and the real culprit will be revealed after a short while. Yusuf wants Yinal to be executed after the blacksmith’s death. Alparslan calms Yusuf down and says that the Sultan’s order will come to the castle soon. Gevher can’t take it anymore and tells Alparslan the truth about Yinal. Yinal thinks that Yusuf has made this plan and gets angry with Oke.

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